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EK05: New Actual Trial TOPIK Test II/Intermediate and Advanced Course

Make-up of Lectures
20 Lectures
Woo Sumi
Period of Lecturing
45 days
Tuition Fee
KR₩ 60,000 (US$ 50)
KR₩ 14,000 (US$ 12)
Free Shipping in Korea

Introduction to Lectures

The Revised TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) has been in force since July 2014. This course is designed with an emphasis on the solution of mock test questions as set and published in the same title. A lecture with English speaking students particularly in mind, it is so designed as to earn high marks in TOPIK Level 3~6 by means of targeting category by category.


Lecturer's Profile

⚫ Educational background:

- Graduated from the Dept. of English Education, Hongik University.

- Earned a TESOL (Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages) license.

⚫ Career:

- Served as interpreter for Renovation Exhibition sponsored by Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development.

- English conversation specialty lecturer at Mokdong High School, Seoul, Korea  

Textbook Introduction

 Reformed TOPIK (Korean Language Proficiency Test) preparation for intermediate learners!

- Test Guide to the New TOPIK II

- TOPIK II Practice Test

- Present differentiated strategies for listening/writing/reading problems in TOPIK II!

- A total of 3 practice simulations and rich commentary!

- Provide commentary and listening/writing/reading prints with all English translations!

⚫ Systematic and complete analysis of newly reorganized TOPIK!

The report and example questions on the Korean Language Proficiency Test Reform System issued by the National Institute of International Education have been thoroughly reviewed to help learners become familiar with the new TOPIK.

⚫ Suggest differentiated strategies to solve the listening/reading problems of TOPIK II!

By presenting a type-specific approach to the questions on TOPIK II, learners can quickly pass the TOPIK II in preparation for the exam.

⚫ A total of 3 practice simulations and abundant commentary!

After the three mock exams were solved like a practice test, the students were able to develop the ability to judge correct and incorrect answers through abundant commentary.

⚫ Provides English translations of all issues and listening and reading passages!

In order to help beginners understand the context of Korean language, listening and reading passages were provided along with English translations as well as commentary on all problems.

Epilogue after Attendance

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