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EK03: Learning Korean by Proverbs (Korean ver)/Advanced Course

Make-up of Lectures
20 Lectures
Woo Sumi
Period of Lecturing
45 days
Tuition Fee
KR₩ 50,000 (US$ 45)
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Introduction to Lectures

You can familiarize yourself with 60 proverbial expressions embodied in the long history of Korea. Those proverbs have strictly been selected out of those in wide use daily so that they may significantly help to understand the Korean traditional culture. It is so designed as to promote the Korean language faculty of higher level, with an emphasis on practical proverbial expressions.


Lecturer's Profile

Educational background:

- Graduated from the Dept. of English Education, Hongik University.

- Earned a TESOL (Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages) license.


- Served as interpreter for Renovation Exhibition sponsored by Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development.

- English conversation specialty lecturer at Mokdong High School, Seoul, Korea

Epilogue after Attendance

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